Grow With Me Pants

When I first started Gemsy Studio, I didn't make Grow With Me Pants. I used a cute leggings pattern from a pattern company that I love and they were made-to-order (so you ordered the print and size, and I made them and sent them when I was done). Eventually, I found this too cumbersome to keep up because there were so many different sizes (twelve size ranges, to be exact, for children under 6). I didn't know what to do if I only had enough fabric to make a 3T but someone wanted a 5T. I also found the made-to-order model kind of stressful, because it meant I was constantly catching up, rather than selling what I had made in advance. (They were pretty cute though, no?)

I had purchased a pair of Grow With Me Pants for my daughter a few years prior and they lasted her for about two years. I thought, why am I not making these instead? I did my research and found that a few different patterns existed, but I chose to make mine based off of the "Monster Bunz" pattern by Opulent Monsters on Etsy. Thank goodness for makers who help other makers - I would be lost if I tried to come up with the pattern on my own! That's why I don't mind sharing this kind of information: I work in a creative community and you can't build community without sharing!

GemsyStudio - GWM Galaxy.jpg

My daughter loved her Grow With Me Pants and she always seemed really comfortable in them. Now that I have a second baby, I am so excited to outfit him in them for the next three years! (Free marketing and modelling, ha.) I am really into the idea of being more economical with clothing. Rather than buying clothes for 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, etc. I can just have a pair of 3-18 months pants and be done with it.

Now Grow With Me Pants seem to be everywhere. I love seeing what kind of prints other people are using, and brainstorming my own future prints that I want to design on my own.