Being a Lazy Selfish Crafty Mom

It's tough being labelled a crafty mom when you're not really that crafty. There are some people out there who can craft all day and don't need any instructions as long as they're armed with their trusty glue gun and cutting machine. They can spend all day bedazzling jeans and building beautiful birdhouses. I am not that person.

Sure, I have lots of crafty skills. I am pretty good at sewing and knitting, I can “do art,” and I can cut stuff out with scissors. Sadly, I'm also kinda lazy and selfish. I like shortcuts where I can take 'em (sorry kids, making Halloween costumes sounds like the least fun I could have), and I generally prefer making stuff for myself instead of other people. Have you ever knit a full shawl? I did a test knit for a wrap once and had to log my time: 30 hours! There aren't very many people in my life that I'd spend 30 free hours on for a single project. Here's an example of my Halloween costume for my daughter last year: I made a felt stuffed carrot and bought ears and a bunny tail from the dollar store. Very pro.

And yet, I think a lot of people assume that just because I can knit and sew, I can make stuff easily for friends and family. Sometimes that's true, but when you lack the motivation, it's not so easy! I can hem a pair of pants in ten minutes but it's a torturous ten minutes. It took me a week to work up the motivation (aka my husband reminding me) to repair a small hole in our family hammock - all of which was a five minute job. I love the look of chalk paint and beautifully finished colourful furniture, but I hate washing paintbrushes and I can sand for about 5 minutes before I want to lay down.

All this is to say that I want other lazy selfish crafters to realize that it's okay to use your skills for only yourself and your family (if they are so lucky) if that's what makes you happy. Love what you make, make what you love.